Born (Cibi) 1959 in Onesti-Romania, lives and works since 1993 in Austria.
Graduated the High School of Arts "Octav Bancila" Iasi, class for painting, graphic arts, decorative painting.
MA in Philology (Romanian-French languages and literature) at University Iasi, Romania.
A series of painting classes at the Weinviertler Kunstschule of Prof. Albert Haller.
Self taught in different graphic techniques, intensive preoccupation for draw and painting experimentation.

Collaborations as illustrator to different publications and newpapers.
First exhibition in 1982.
Intensive work as illustrator for didactic articles for schools.
Personal exhibitions in Onesti, Mistelbach and Viena, further participations in Onesti, Bacau, Mistelbach, Tel Aviv, Bzenec, St.Pölten, Iasi, Bucarest and Piove di Sacco.
Member of the artists association Mistelbach, of culture network Lower Austria and artists association Austria (IG Bildende Kunst), member of Forumschlosswolkersdorf.

Lives and works since 2004 as a freelance artist in Mistelbach Austria. Since 2007 strong engaged in the activities of the artists association Mistelbach, since 2018 co-management together with Sylvia Seimann, Edda Swatschina and Gudrun Wassermann.

Curator of the exibitions "Kunst aus Rumänien", 2012, "Rumänien_die Zweite", 2014 in Barockschloss Mistelbach, and "momente des weges" 2015, Franz J. Schwelle, Gallery Th. Pallady, Iasi, Romania